Walden Inn and Spa

The Chef and I might be turning into the same person. This year for Christmas we agreed to buy a very small gift for each other. We set a budget and agreed not to go over it. Mostly though, we agreed to actively spend time together, not working, not talking about work, and not thinking about work.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my gift to find a spa day at The Walden Inn and Spa in Aurora, Ohio. Better yet, imagine his surprise when he opened his gift to find a three night stay at The Walden Inn and Spa in Aurora, Ohio. How ridiculous is that? I had no idea the Chef even knew what a spa was. We bought each other the same gift. At the same place. Like I said, we are totally turning into each other.

We decided to go the day after New Years to start off the year with a bang. I shared my spa day with him (back waxing CHECK) and went spent three glorious days together. It was unbelievably amazing.

couple spa room

The spa itself is gorgeous and the shared couple rooms are ridiculous. The wonderful thing about doing a treatment is that you get the room for an hour before and after. The room is huge with a giant hot tub, two massage tables, sauna and steam, a reading nook, and a wintery view of the woods. We most definitely enjoyed our spa day.


I knew about The Walden thanks to my bff getting married there a few years back. While I didn't stay for the wedding it was hard to forget the simple beauty of the atmosphere. The Inn is large but not overwhelming and the staff has a way of being all encompassing but never intrusive. For the most part we barely saw a soul. Each night we watched a movie in the private theater all by ourselves. We made popcorn and drank cider and watched cheesy stoner comedies. It was so much fun! We also found ourselves taking an exorbitant amount of baths. I think in our entire marriage I have known the Chef to take a bath once. In three days I think he averaged two baths per day. We were very clean. We were also very very happy. It really felt like a second honeymoon. 

We ended up eating out a few times as The Walden's main restaurant The Barn was closed for  winter holiday and the room service food was meh. We had two meals out and both were not super exciting but I'm glad we did it. We never ever get a chance to see what other people are cooking. Our time at The Walden was easily the best Christmas present either of us have ever received!

If you have a chance to spend a weekend at The Walden, I highly recommend it. I know that the Chef and I plan to start our new year off every year at The Walden, it is good for the soul and great for the marriage.