Widow Love

In the past few weeks I have had such an outpouring of support regarding this blog that I simply must let you all know how awesome it feels and how grateful I am for such a kick ass group of readers. After this post, I received the most comments ever and I would have to say that 99% of them were positive.  Which is always nice.  Lord knows I have had my share of bleach blond nitwits who never have a nice (or intelligent) thing to say.  You guys were articulate and passionate about a city that has so much potential and so much talent.  I have something in the works regarding the lack of intelligent coverage of our food community.  More details to come soon.

Within moments of writing this I received countless emails regarding their own experiences with such an evil drug.  The letters were kind, thoughtful, and inspiring.  They brought me out of the funk I was deeply in.  It always helps one's soul to know that there are normal people just like yourself going through (and getting through) something so devastating and heartbreaking.  Plus hearing all of the positive outcomes of being clean & sober really brings me hope.  And I need hope.  Cause all I have right now is hate.  And that is just unacceptable.

And the coolest thing ever.  Meeting some of my super rad readers at this chef studded event and out and about in Cleveland (Hey Joan, Nancy, and Natalie!).  I must say that meeting my readers is sometimes daunting to me.  I get nervous and second guess absolutely EVERY word I write.  But putting real human faces to people who support me, the chef, and this blog is superbad.  {As is awesome}

I am a lucky chiquita.  Sometimes I am a stressball.  And sometimes I say the f word.  But that's ok because the support system I have from all my peeps makes it all worth it.  Thanks for rocking my world.