Cedar Point

Cedar Point, or America's Roller Coast as its known to coaster enthusiasts everywhere is right in our backyard. We don't get up there as often as we used too but we did manage to meet up with Team Classy Chaos at the beginning of the summer. 

When we arrived at the park, we headed directly to the new family rides, Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles. The minis are not yet ride enthusiasts so we thought this ride would be a perfect introduction since we could all ride together. We picked Pipe Scream as our first ride and moments later we were off on a massive up and down barf machine. The boy and the Chef LOVED it. The girl and I did not. Next up was Lake Erie Eagles which ended up being more our speed. Flying thru the air, we got to control our very own Lake Erie Eagle. The minis enjoyed this one and the big kids did too. 

The rest of the day we spent walking through the park with friends hopping on and off rides, taking selfies with Snoopy, and enjoying the company and the park's effervesce atmosphere.

Cedar Point is such a great part of Ohio and all of the midwest. If you are still looking for a summer weekend, Cedar Point has something for everyone.