Third Wheel Syndrome

2009 07 18_VEGGI U_9088 After all their hard work at Veggi U, Chef Jonathon Sawyer & Chef Leann Wong have one ten celebratory cocktail(s)

Sometimes I think that I hurt the Chef more than help.  I feel like my presence alginates him from getting to know other chefs.   I sometimes feel like a third wheel after events when all the chef's hang together, drinking scotch, & talking shop.

In the culinary world, chefs not only run restaurants but they also do many many events.  For the local folks you know that the Chef is usually doing an event in the Cleve about once a week.  It can get pretty hectic but we (the restaurant) really enjoy getting out there and mingling with people who love food.  After some of these events there tends to a gathering of chefs for an after party.  Being that I am the Chef's Widow I have been to 8.7 million of these after parties.  I have hung out till the wee hours of the morning with some kick ass culinary masterminds.  It has only been lately that the thought of these after parties have begun to freak me out.

At the last after party I felt like a third wheel.  I felt like I was infringing on the Chef's right to hang out with the people he admires most.  Of course this was totally all in my mind and he will tell you that he always prefers that I am with him.  He thinks I make him better.  But do I make him better?  Or do I alienate him from meeting his mentors, making connections, or just have some good 'ole wife-free fun?  Most chefs that I have come in to contact with his age are not living the life we live.  They do not have kids nor are they married.  And if they are married with children they sure as hell leave their wives at home.  So I ask myself, do I really belong at these events by his side or I am doing him more harm than good?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

***For all the locals, The Huffinton Post is asking for your favorite local restaurant, I know what mine is!  Let's get Cleveland in the TOP TEN!!!!