Date Night


Went on a date with a handsome boy on Saturday to Trentina for one of the soft openings. He dressed up in his new suit from Nordstrom and his new grey velour wingtips. First we headed to MOCA  to check out the Hans Op De Beeck Staging Silence exhibit. It was visually stunning. We talked about art and held hands as we watched how each tiny scene was made. 


Our walk over to Trentina hand in hand reminded me of days not long ago when the Chef and I used to walk up Park Avenure for a date. We were the first to arrive at Trentina and were promptly seated. The boy perused the menu and our first course come our moments after our drinks arrived.


Our rule for the evening as with every meal we have, is try everything once. If you don't like it you don't have to eat, but you gotta try. I am proud to say that the boy put every single course in his mouth. He even tried the oyster! He was a perfect gentleman and somehow managed to sit for almost two hours (a very big feat if you know our very active boy)! 


About 10 courses in, the boy, sleepily expressed his desire to go home. Never thought he would make it course 5, let alone 10, I agreed. We ate our desert quickly and headed home to rent a movie. 

We put on our pj's and snuggled up deciding on Return to OZ. Qucikly freaked out by those insane Wheelers we snuggled up and dozed off our bellies and hearts full. 


Restaurant Kids


The minis have started their summer with a mix of "the best camp in Cleveland" and full on restaurant opening mode. We head to nature camp early in the am and after 8 hours of sloshing around in the Cleveland Metroparks I haul their muddy, creek drenched, sun kissed bodies to Trentina. 

They are getting annoyed.  


Being 5 and 8 means that going to work with your parents is a drag. Even when it's a restaurant that you will someday sneak sips of wine from. With two more weeks unitl opening these poor kids are gonna explode.  


Hold on kids...we're almost at the finish line

MOCA & Trentina Community Chandelier Project

A few months back the Chef and I took the kids to a family night at MOCA. We made mobiles to add to one giant mobile that would be made up of everyone's. It was so much fun and such a great way to spend a cold winter night. When the design talks began for Trentina I couldn't help but be inspired by that fun night. The Chef and I really want the community to feel like they are part of Trentina and when I found a chandelier that seemed to fit perfectly for the space I came up with an idea.


What if our community built an art installation that could be viewed year round at the restaurant? I called up Nicole at MOCA and ran my idea by her. She loved it and the planning began. I am so very, very excited to announce that MOCA & Trentina will be building art together over the next month. We would love it if you could join us for the:

INTERMISSION: Community Chandelier Project

Sparkle for your hometown at MOCA this spring. Members from the community are invited to hand make a beaded chandelier for Trentina, an Amelia and Chef Jonathon Sawyer restaurant opening soon in the heart of University Circle. MOCA is partnering with these museum members to design a dramatic chandelier that will be the centerpiece of the dining room. No special skills or specific amount of time is required. Drop by MOCA on any of the project days to contribute. Each individual will receive one colored bead to symbolize their participation.

When the chandelier is complete, color beads will represent the entire community who came out to show their hometown love. 

This activity is FREE and open to all on MOCA's Free First Floor and takes place daily from February 23 through March 9, then on weekends in March through April 13.

Please visit the welcome desk when you arrive to pick up your colored bead.

MOCA Cleveland’s hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11–5 pm; open until 9 pm Thursdays; closed Mondays.

Restaurant Trentina Kickstarter

For me 2014 is all about positivity. The past is exactly that, the past. No point in looking back, only forward for Team Sawyer. The Chef and I are thrilled that our dream project Restaurant Trentina has gotten it's wings and is ready to take off. Believe me, the journey to this point hasn't been easy. Great things never are I suppose.

We launched our kickstarter for Resturant Trentina on Friday and I am happy to share it here with you my friends who have followed me on this crazy journey I call life for the past 10 years. We packed the kickstarter full of some really rad rewards and we well be eternally grateful with any of your support. 

video by Rasul K. Welch