Talking with Kids About Food

A common question the Chef and I often get asked is:

"how do you get your kids to eat so well?" 

Our answer is quite simple:

We talk to our children about food. We don't talk to them about what they WANT from food, as the only answers we would get would be ice cream, edamame, and nerds. We actually TALK to them about food. We talk about where food comes from, we talk about food labels and ingredients, we talk about the commercial food industry, we talk about farmers and food miles, we talk about chickens, we talk about hunting and slaughter, we talk about vegans and vegetarians, and we talk about food choice. But mostly we just talk. 

Food is a big part of our collective journey on this planet and the minis are also a big part of that journey. How could we leave one out of the other? 

Our 8 year son is particularly interested in food these days. His mind was blown when he found out in Italy, that food dye is banned there. He just could not wrap his head around the fact that it was bad for people, yet still allowed in the US. He reads labels when we grocery shop and if he "accidentally" buys something with high fructose corn syrup in it he won't indulge. He does this because the Chef and I have talked to him about what food dye does to kids metabolisms, we talk to him about how high fructose corn syrup when used in moderation is a major cause of heart diseaseobesitycancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay and more. We don't ignore the facts about food and as parents we have no desire to hide anything from our children.

Eating dinner. Fancy dinner. With vegetables. And duck. And cheese. Not a chicken finger in sight. 

Some may think our openness is scary or unneeded but I disagree. The more knowledge our children are armed with about what's in their food, the more power and choice they will grow up to have. It's a dangerous time in our country for our delicate food system but our solution is actually quite simple.

We talk to our kids about food.

Do you?