The Amazing Bentonite Clay

Before & After the Bentonite Clay Mask 

When it comes to my face I am a product virgin. I don't do soaps or cleanser. Toners are not in my vocab. For years people have been telling me to implement a sysytem for my face care regime, but so far I think my system of au natural works pretty great. I don't break out, my skin is smooth and soft, and you couldn't find any shine even if you put me under a microscope. 

I like my skin.

I like my skin regiment. It's easy, quick, and fits my lifestyle. I wash my face with water, I use apricot oil as a moisturizer. One and done. But sometimes my simple regime needs a push. Recently I  read about Calcium Bentonite Clay, a unique clay due to its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. Upon contact with fluid, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals. In other words, when mixed with water and applied to your skin it acts as a sponge, absorbing toxins and impurities that live there. It's rad and it makes your skin feel like a zillion bucks!


Bentonite Clay has so many other uses as well. Here are a few from Empowered Sustanence:

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Have you ever used Bentonite Clay for anything other than a face mask?