The Gods of Food



Doesn't that title make you wanna hurl? Calling men gods is one of my least favorite "journalistic" tendencies. 

Don't get me wrong, those chefs that Time Magazine gives a halo to are pretty bad ass and are crazy influential. Hell I am married to a dude chef. I get it. 

But where are the ladies? 

The editor of  the Time piece spent a moment today trying to justify the blatant boys club spred "We did not want to fill a quota of a woman chef," Chua-Eoan explains. "We wanted to go with reputation and influence." <-------Ewwww

Well Mr. Magazine Man, since you don't seem to KNOW any women chefs deserving of your chauvinistic idolization, here are some lady chefs that are influential and have a very good reputation, especially among many "influential" male chefs. They work their asses off and their food speaks volumes. They may not have a club (women tend to leave the clique thing behind after highschool) but they are sure deserving of recognition. Although my little 'ol blog doesn't even compare to the reach of Time Mag, allow me to present to you:

The Goddesses of Food: