The Rationale of School Closings

Yesterday should have been a snowday. We woke up at 6am to five inches and a blizzard. As we waited for the bus the sky disappeared and a white cloud of flurry took it's place. The bus was late. Ten minutes, then thirty, and forty minutes passed by the time my neighbor called to see if the mini's needed a ride. He picked them up and off they went. A slow stroll to school. The bus never showed. 

As we drove downtown to work we passed countless spun out cars, a few accidents, and had zero visibility. We barely made it to University Circle when we decided to work from Trentina. It was a mess.

This winter we have found ourselves with at least one snow day per week. Last week the schools were closed for the first three days due to cold. I get it, some kids don't have (or don't wear) warm clothes but I don't remember it happening this often when I was young. Snow days to me were like finding a diamond in a pile of sawdust. It just didn't happen. Now it seems like if one school calls off school, they all call off. If one school doesn't, no one else does. 

I just don't understand the rationale of school closings. Do you?