This is 36

36 means I almost have a 10 year old son. Like whoa. 

36 means I have known my husband for 20 years and have been in love with him for 13.

36 means that I haven't smoked a ciggy in almost 4 years.  

36 means I lost the most important woman in my life, my grandma, 12 years ago.

36 means finding joy in simplicity gets easier every single day. Fuck the chaos.

36 means I don't have time for crazy, hatred, anger, martyrdom, bigots, or jealousy. 

36 means I only open my door to true friends. 

36 means going to bed before midnight makes mornings so much easier.

36 means my vodka drinking abilities have become laughable.

36 means my daughter looks up to me and it is on me to show her what being a real woman is all about. 

36 means I love my body. Even the squishy parts. Granted I would accept a little lift here and there. 

36 means I don't have time for liars or people who take themselves to seriously.

36 means I am stronger than I have ever been. Mentally and physically.


36 means I found my tribe.