The Chef and I have always been too trusting and this week I was forced to realize that this trust we offer to so many people is quickly coming to bite us in the ass. We have always considered ourselves really laid back when it comes to letting people into our lives and over the past few months certain things are coming to light that leads me to believe that our trusting nature could easily be our utter downfall.

I never wanted to believe that could be true.

I want to believe in the good of people but I am beginning to think that my naivety has gotten the best of me. Too many people have chosen money over gratitude and I am simply done with it all. We didn't open a restaurant to get famous. We didn't open one to get rich. We opened a restaurant because it is what we loved, what the Chef loved. That love is still there, but alongside it is a knife, plunging through our back deeply towards our heart. 

When you start to lose hope, that's when it all goes wrong. That's when the darkness prevails and the people who you thought you could trust, pounce.

I can you tell that until today there has never been a moment where I was willing to give it all up and start from scratch.

Until today.