Valentines Day

Yesterday I received an email from the boy's class mothers that let me know that the class would not be celebrating Valentines Day and would be replacing it with a Friendship day in a few weeks because of religious reasons and the fear of alienating children. I did a double take and quickly called the Chef. 

The minis and I had worked all day Tuesday on their Valentine's Day cards and reading that the boy wouldn't get to share his love pissed me off. One of the best childhood memories of mine (and almost every single person I could yesterday to talk to about this weirdness) was Valentine's Day. Especially in grade school. It meant so much to collect those little cards (the candy was nice too) and race home to see all the people who gave them to you. The Chef felt weird about it too. Neither of us could figure out the religion aspect (we did eventually learn that Orthodox Jews do not support Valentines Day & that Valentines Day has roots in Catholicism) and the alienating part seemed like a no brainer. There are so many creative ways to celebrate love, it doesn't have to be candy & cards. It could be a book exchange, it could be a RAKE day or they could cook together as a class. They could all write poems about love and share with the class. Something, anything to say that Valentines Day is important. In the crazy world we live in, I can't help but believe that LOVE is truly the only way to celebrate our amazing lives here on Earth. 

Although the boys class won't be celebrating, the girl's class will so at least she will have that experience. Now to figure something out for the boy...