You guys, I have a new social media obsession and it's name is Vine. These days it seems as though I have fallen off the social media bandwagonBetween my disdain for Facebook and my disappointment in Instagram's privacy policy snafu I have been having a hard time getting my social media groove on. It was all beginning to feel super played out for me.

Not so much anymore thanks to Vine!

So you may be wondering, what in the hell is Vine? 

Let me share my new obsession. Vine is a new Twitter app that is similar to Instagram. The main difference is instead of pictures, Vine makes 6 sec gif-like films that stream live on the app. that are so. much. fun. You can upload your 6 second video and share on Facebook, Twitter, or the Vine app itself. The cool part for me is watching the constant "vine" of live videos that show up on my feed. 

I downloaded Vine yesterday and I just can't stop making mini movies. If you like Instagram or you're bored with Facebook, I highly suggest you check out Vine & follow me!


 or if you are already on Vine drop me a comment with your user name and I will totes check out your vines!!

ps ChefSawyer is totes on Vine too!!