Women in the Workplace

One day I overheard two men talking about a woman who had recently been promoted at her job to a high level executive position. They were questioning how long it would take until she turned into a complete bitch. The men went on to discuss how when women rose to powerful position in the workplace they became hardened, bossy, and mean and the disgust in their tone led me to believe that they actually believed wholeheartedly the dribble they were spewing. 

I watched an ad yesterday and couldn't help but be reminded of that conversation. I have had my own experience of this kind of rampant sexism and gender inequality. Since opening the restaurant I have heard the rumors and the whispers that have been spread about me. I know that being a strong, outspoken, successful woman has branded me a bitch in the workplace.  I am assertive and I work hard. These should be assets of mine as they are assets for my husband. However the opposite happens, my assertiveness turns into bossiness and my drive is seen as power hungry. I am no doubt looked upon very differently from both men and women alike than my husband is looked upon.

There is a double standard in the workplace when it comes to men & women and this ad highlights it perfectly:

What are you thoughts about gender in the workplace?