Wonderland in Toronto

After our unbelievable Legoland experience we knew as parents we had failed miserably. We passed the entrance for Wanderland on our way into mall Legoland and after a quick google search we learned that it was Canada's version of our very beloved Cedar Point. We bought tickets online and headed across the street to try and redeem our birthday blunder for the boy. 

Wonderland ended up being amazing!! The park is beautiful and clean. The people who work there are nice and friendly and the rides were quite similar to Cedar Point although the height limits are much lower. Our 7 year old who can't ride any roller coasters at Cedar Point could ride all but 3 at Wonderland. We had a brilliant time and the day ended up a win for everyone including the earlier bummed out birthday boy.   

We highly recommend Wonderland for all families visiting Toronto.  

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 out of