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about chef's widow

Chef's Widow began in 2003 after a girl named Amelia packed her Chevy Cavalier, grabbed her dog Vito and drove to Manhattan to become roomies with her best friend Jonathon. Jonathon was a chef in New York City and she was a just girl who finished school trying to find her way. Together as they fell in love, Jonathon and Amelia embraced life to the fullest eating and drinking their way through the boroughs until one day they found that their twosome would soon be a threesome. Fast forward ten years and you can find Amelia and Jonathon married with 2 kids, Catcher and Louisiana. Jonathon runs three restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio while Amelia acts as Editor in Chief here at Chef's Widow.

Chef's Widow: a person who is married to a chef who is also married to the kitchen.

Chef's Widow began as a blog that documented the ups and downs of being married to a Chef through humor and true stories. These days this site has evolved into a one stop shop for the food/chef/glam obsessed. Today on Chef's Widow you will find a multiple voices with writers located all over the Midwest who love to share their favorite (and affordable!) restaurants, recipes, brands, travel & vacation spots, and lifestyle love with the readers we have come to know and love as well as a whole new generation of Chef's Widow.