Legoland Discovery Zone in Toronto

The boy turned 10 on July 6th. The Chef and I wanted to do something special for him that he would remember for always so we decided to road trip to Legoland in Toronto. He was dying to go to Legoland and when I was surfing the web (gnarly doode) I saw that Toronto had their very own LL. I google mapped the drive and found the trip to be a little over 4 hours. His birthday was decided. We would be headed to Canada. 

We got up early on our first day in Canada and mapped the car to Legoland. Imagine our surprise when the directions had us turning into a mall. My stomach dropped. Did I not read something right? Was Legoland not in Toronto? Turns out I did NOT in fact read something right. Legoland Discovery Center is in Toronto and Legoland Discovery Center SUCKS.

We walked into the mall all looking confused. How could there possible be rides and legos and all of the amazing things Legoland offers, inside a strip mall? The answer came to us very quickly after we bought our tickets and waited in line to start the 'tour.' We realized that we had been hosed. Legoland Discovery Zone was a glorified Chuck E. Cheese. There were two baby rides (as the boy called them), three lego short films (one was silent? ummm wtf?), and a car building race area. Other than that there was a play area that kids had to wear socks in and if they didn't have them they could buy them for $5 (guess who bought socks? raises hand) and a few lego models as seen above. Twenty minutes in and the boy came up to the Chef and I "Is this it? I mean it's cool and all but it's kinda lame" he said obviously trying not to hurt our feelings. The Chef and I totally agreed and remembered that as we pulled in to the mall for Legoland we saw signs for Wonderland, Toronto's amusement park. The kids went back to playing in the janky beta mall legoland and the Chef & I furiously googled admission prices for Wonderland. Wonderland would save the birthday!

Legoland Discovery Zone was a total disappointment. The only people who should go to Legoland Discovery Zone are kids who are 4 and under. Any kid older than that is going to see that it's a total sham. 

Rating: 🔪 out of 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪