Skip Tulum, Run to the Coba Ruins

While in Mexico last week the Chef and I decided to check out some Mayan ruins. Every tour guide, book, blog, website, or tripadvisor talked about Tulum so we headed there first. I had read about the Coba runis briefly but tossed the idea aside due to it being about an hour further from our hotel. We got up at the crack of down in hopes of missing the tour busses and hit the road. 

We arrived at the Tulum ruins about 30 minutes later, took a wrong turn from the parking lot and drove directly to the front entrance. FYI. This is highly frowned upon and actually quite illegal. Our Spanish is pretty bad and there were no igns indicating the road we were driving on was for pedestrians. Tulum 1, Team Sawyer 0.

We paid the entrance fee, about $20 for both of us, grabbed a map and entered the ancient ruins. We hiked up and found that ruins were laid out over an expansive pece of land and each ruin was heavily roped off. Our dreams of climbing to the top of a Mayan ruin were dashed and although the park was beautiful it didn't match the romantic dream we had both envisioned. We snapped some selfies and decided to leave. We would check out Coba, the ruins 30 minutes into the jungle. 

And thank god we did.

If you have are going to Mexico and want to see, feel, walk on, embrace a real life Mayan ruin, go to Coba. It's in the jungle and it is one of the most captivating places I have ever been.