Renee Zellweger

Yesterday the internet exploded because Renee Zellweger, a famous actress, went to a party and looked very different. She looked older (because she ages like a human being) and she looked like she had a few cosmetic procedures done, as her trademark cute squinty blue eyes were no longer squinty. She also looked a bit like she just had a facial or gotten waxed as her face resembled the after effects of both. She looked different for sure. 

Twitter exploded.

Facebook melted.

Anger and disdain were splashed on gossip magazine headlines.

3,000 tweets per hour with only 1% being reported. Ummmm thems a lot of tweets. 

Near the end of the day I found myself dealing with some bullshit that I thought was over and when opened Facebook to zone out on mindless pomp & circumstance I lost my shit. "Renee this, Renee that. I don't even know what that face is? Why would someone do that to themselves?" It was like #CLEBOLA all over again only this time an actual human face was the disease.

I spewed:

For me, Renee Zellweger is a perfect example of what a nihilistic fucked view on beauty & aging we have as a society. Renee made they choice to change her face, more specifically the feature of her face that all of us recognize and relate to, but that's her choice to make. You know what else? I am guessing that Renee has probably lived through years and years and years of people telling her that her eyes were to squinty or she looked like she was sleeping.  She probably had casting directors encouraging her to change her look and she most definitely had the entire beauty industry reminding her (like most of us) that we are NOT AS BEAUTIFUL as we should. While those eyes probably got her roles like Bridget Jones, they probably also lost her roles and landed her on the pages of US Weekly and TMZ in a not so flattering light. As a culture we create the doubt that is instilled in all of us about our looks. We support it, we embrace it, and we live by the code that our looks mean more than they really do. So how can be surprised when people drastically change the way they look?

Now I can't speak for RZ, as she is just a face to me like most of you, but I can say that we all could use a reminder every now and then of The Golden Rule. They teach it in first grade to 5 year olds and it seems like the collective internet may have played hooky that day. Let this be a gentle reminder...

Treat others how you would want to be treated.

It's simple for sure, but I have no doubt in my mind that everyone who spewed hatred and judgement towards a woman over her aging face yesterday probably would not wish for that to happen to them.

And if you wanna get botox, get it. If you want to get an eye lift get it. If wearing plaid and stripes makes you happy then by god wear plaid and stripes. Do what makes YOU happy.

Fuck everyone else.


Samsung "Ditch Day" in Los Angeles

You may not know this but in my spare time (hahahaha spare time, what's that?) I am an avid photographer. About a year ago I was asked to be a Samsung Imagelogger and since then I have been fortunate enough to work with the amazing Samsung NX mirror-less smart cameras. Below is a gallery of photos I took with either the NX Mini, the NX 300, the NX30, or the NX3000:

As you can see, I love the cameras and I take a ridiculous amount of pictures. The photos always end up being super gorgeous and the cameras are all so easy to use. They are also super adaptable with all of my electronics including my Apple iPhone! 

Tomorrow on October 14th, 2014 Samsung is holding "Ditch Day II" at Hollywood & Highland in LA. They are going to be having a DSLR trade-in (which means you bring your old DSLR and they give you a brand NEW Samsung NX camera #AWESOME), and they also try to break the selfie world record with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. The event goes from 10am-7pm but show up around 2pm to hang with Nick Cannon and Juliette Hough for the #selfie!

If you are in LA tomorrow I highly suggest you Ditch the DSLR! 


by Milo Hess

by Milo Hess


Catcher got nominated to do the #alsicebucketchallenge by his dad. After he went online and learned about the disease he decided he wanted to not only complete the challenge but also wanted to donate his own money in hopes of discovering a cure. Can you imagine what kind of world we could live in if all people found kindness the way kids can?

The #icebucketchallenge ended up being an amazing fundraising tool for ALS and I encourage you to donate or take the challenge yourself! 

O' Captain, My Captain

I've been holding back tears ever since I heard the news of Robin Williams passing. I was at soccer practice sitting in the car with the girl while the boy sloshed around the wet field when I scrolled thru my instagram and saw the news. My stomach dropped and my eyes watered. With all my might I held them back before my daughter could ask what was wrong. 

I didn't know Robin Williams but I sure felt like I did. I think we all did, didn't we? I watched Mork and Mindy as a child and when I was at the cusp of childhood and teenagedom I found a part of myself in the film Dead Poets Society.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths for you the shores a-crowding
— Walt Whitman

Robin Williams was an icon as I grew up with and his legend and comedy only seemed to expand. He was a true artist and the world will be a bit less funny now that he has departed.

But his movies and his art aren't why I am sad. He will forever live on in film and for this I am happy. My sadness comes from knowing that addiction and depression is a never ending uncurable disease that affects so many and takes so much. To understand depression and addiction I think you must either live with it or love someone who has the disease. Both diseases are cyclical and interchangeable and spontaneous. A life of sobreity can be lived and in one moment depression can jump the gun and make a decision that you have no control over. Sometimes there is no choice. Sometimes the disease just fucking wins...and's its bullshit and it's sucks but it wins. It just wins. 

I hope you find peace Mr. Williams. You gave us so much. Thank you for the lifetime of laughter. 

Bitchy Resting Face

Bitchy Resting Face...Is there a pill for this???

Bitchy Resting Face...Is there a pill for this???

Yesterday my daughter looked up at my face and said "mommy why are you mad?"  "I'm not mad," I replied. "But mommy your face looks mad." The past couple of days this has been a common conversation between my 6 year old and myself. I know why I look mad. I'm just not sure how to tell her that I have been blessed with bitchy resting face. When my face is not in a smile, I look unhappy. I can't help it,  I was born this way. We've all got our crosses to bear and mine is BRF. Throughout my entire life I have always gotten into trouble for having a "mean look" on my face. When I was young my parents used to scold me for giving mean looks at them when the fact was, I simply wasn't. It was just my face. For the majority of time, I smile like crazy but when I am not smiling, if I am just simply resting my face, I have a tendency to look like Maleficent. My resting face can cut a bitch.

The phenomenon of bitchy resting face was called out front and center a few years back after a video about it was put on YouTube. I felt a little better about myself after the clever and SO TRUE video came out because it put a name to the reason everyone always assumes I'm a bitch.  I'm not though (most of the time) and it absolutely guts me to think that for even a second my sweet baby girl could think I am unhappy being around her. 

But you guys. I'm not mad. It's just my face.  And see I totally smile. SEE ------------------------->>>>>

But when your daughter asks why you are mad in her presence, you can't really say "Well honey, I have bitchy resting face. When I'm not smiling I look like a mean ass bitch." I tried to explain it to her that my face when I'm not smiling just looks like I'm a little mad but that didn't work at all. She kept insisting that I was mad, and I kept trying to explain that I wasn't mad, which then made me a little mad. So we came up with a plan. During the day we are going to smile at thirty different random people. She is going to remind me to smile more so maybe my resting bitch face can take a backseat for a little while. I started yesterday at The Cleveland Clinic and even though I got a few "why the fuck are you smiling at me looks," the majority of people smiled back.

And if doesn't work there's always plastic surgery. Permagrin here I come. 

Talking About Food Weekly Roundup

Just like my Chef 10 years ago, The New York Times writes Chefs Move Beyond New York...

If we didn't know it before, we know it now. Walmart is gross. 

Richie Nakano gets silly with the stupid food news...

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! 27 ice cream shops you need to visit before you die. Honey Hut. FTW.

Eater shares "Everything You need to know to open a Hipster Bar."

In more stupid food news, a pig got a book deal and Chef's Widow did not. FML. 

Study finds that heavy drinking does something to you. A doi. 

This kickstarter rules. Fermentation is yer friend. 



Opening Day

In a little over 24 hours the Chef and I will open our most challenging project yet. It has taken two years to create and has come close to tearing us apart at the seams. 


It's not easy being ambitious nor is it easy when you dream big. If you let it, making those dreams come true can overtake your life. 

I love Trentina. I love each and everything thing about her. I love watching the Chef in her kitchen, his eyes twinkling as he cooks. A light is back inside of him that was almost taken away after a very long battle that could have cost him the Tavern and everything else he has built. It didn't though. He fought for it and all those people who count on us even though the fight nearly destroyed him. 

The Chef is BACK. 

His passion for the food. His desire to create. His drive to be the best. That light and love is here again. And it's better than ever. 

Seeing the Chef back in action is almost enough to make this chef's widow lonliness disappear. Almost.  

We open for dinner tomorrow night and I couldn't be more proud of this sweet little restaurant that we built together. I also can't wait to get my husband back!!